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The Muleteers Ride Again

Monday 29 December 2014.

Our Annual Trip up into the mountains behind El Acebuchal for our fourth Muleteers Hike. This is a great day out and includes a lovely lunch that is prepared and packed by Antonio and Sebastian of Restaurant Virtudes and carried up to Venta Panaderos by Paco's two trusty mules. We can then then sit an eat a fine mountain picnic which includes chorizo and murcillo cooked on an open fire.
You will be out for 6 hours more or less so make sure you have warm clothes and good boots or walking shoes. We will run a car pool so if you are driving to Acebuchal then let me know and you might be able to give someone a lift (for a small fee of course). Bring drinks and a small snack to keep you going but there will be a nice picnic lunch included at the half way point. The walk is 16 kilometers round trip with an ascent of about 600 meters.

Price is €30 per person

to reserve simple call/text 647 273 502