02 April.
Being stuck at home for weeks makes me really appreciate the great outdoors all the more.
Here are some video highlights of the walks and treks.

26th March.
Lets pretend we are walking the Great Walk of Malaga. Sit back and imagine.....

25th March.
The lock-down has been extended to mid April. We think it will probably run to the end of April followed by another month of partial lock-down with no flights in or out of the country. As many of my clients are from countries which are at least 2 weeks behind Spain, the effect will be no hiking until June.

17th March. Happy Saint Patrick Day.
Can I go out for a walk or a run? Common questions answered about Spain's new state of alarm
Police in a Malaga street.
The government's decree to control the spread of corona-virus restricts the freedom of movement of the general public, although with specific exceptions; this is the interpretation the security forces are making of the instructions, so far.

Can I go out for a run or to do other sport?

The answer is a clear no. The order, which allows no exceptions, and covers all types of leisure and sports activities, is to stay at home.

Can I go out for a walk or go into the countryside to follow my doctor's recommendations?

No. You can't even exercise on the stairs or in the communal areas of your block of flats, as the virus can be transmitted by touching things and this could put your neighbours at risk. The restriction on movement in this sense is very strict. The security forces point out that the people have been recommended to walk by doctors, are likely to be high-risk anyway, and the decree orders isolation precisely to protect them. They can walk around their house.

Can I take my dog out?

Yes, but not as an excuse to go for a walk. Only for the essential time. And never with someone else.

16th March:
There is a 15 Day Lock-down in the country. This will probably be extended but for sure the next two weeks we are closed.

15th March
Even the mountains are closed to us now.
Please keep yourself healthy and we look forward to fresh air and ridge walks as soon as possible. or 0034647273502