New Season Kicks Off!

And so a new hiking season kicks off on Monday 21st September with a five hour hike in the hills behind Nerja. If you are in the area and would like a guided walk in the mountains of Frigiliana, Maro, Nerja and Acebuchal please do not hesitate to contact me.

I know it might feel a bit weird given the global circumstance but remember that much of normal life at local level continues to plod along even if the international travel has stopped.

I know there are many folks living in active retirement in the south of Spain and perhaps you might like a few days in Nerja and Frigiliana with some pleasant hiking and walking trips.


I am more than willing to help you with accommodation recommendations, travel details and information on good restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and apartments. Considering the massive changes taking place at the moment I think having a person son the ground in the locality with up to date information on where to go and stay would be of great help to travelers this season.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Price Reductions

I remember doing economics in school as a kid.

Supply and Demand was one of the main chapters and the concept was fairly simply. If there is a fixed supply of a certain goods or services and a big demand for those goods or service then the price would rise accordingly.

However if the supply remained the same but the demand drops then the price will also drop.

These are economic truisms that have remains fairly constant for millenia.

So as we enter the hiking season of 2020/2021 we find that supply remains the same. I made a stocktake of the mountains yesterday and I'm confident that they are all still there; none missing.

But the demand (ie tourists, travellers, visitors etc) are greatly reduced and may well be for the remainder of this hiking and walking season.(October '20 to May '21)

Therefore the economic law of supply and demand means that the prices should fall.

So from the start this season in late september until its conclusion in early June, the prices for the hikes and excursions will be reduced.

An Easy walk is now €15 per person, down from €25.

A Moderate Hike is now €18 per person, down from €25.

The Acebuchal Lunch hike is now €28 per person, down from €35.

The Hard Hikes are now €30 per person, down from €40.


Special 10 Years Anniversary Offer


APEX Annual Hiking Pass for €100

To celebrate 10 years in business we would like to reintroduce a popular item to our list of services.


This product gives the named holder UNLIMITED GUIDED HIKING FOR ONE YEAR.

It will activate only when the first walk is used. Then the holder will have unlimited guided walks for the next 12 months from that date. 

There is no expiry date for the pass once its purchased.

We have several walks a week especially from October to May each year. We have about 25 different routes that are rotated each month to give a varied selection to folks who like to hike different trails.

Its ideal for long term stayers in the area and also a a nice christmas or birthday gift for anyone heading over here to do some walking over the next couple of years.

It costs €100 and will available for sale from today until 31 December 2020. You can purchase online here thru PAYPAL.

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Please click the HOME bar above for a full list of activities.