Well-being Walks

David Hurst
Well-being Coach
Well-being Walks– Gentle walks in the glorious Andalusian national parks or on the beaches with a Well-being Coach to benefit your mind and body

€50 for two hours, one-off Well-being Walk or as a series of Well-being Walks

We meet in one of the beautiful pueblos and after a brief chat and coffee, head off walking. We will decide beforehand which is the best walk for you (couples are welcome) – the most important thing being the tranquility and clarity that arises while walking and talking.

Walking and talking together, we will work though problems or issues you have in a calm setting

while feeling the physical benefits of walking among nature. We can try meditation & mindfulness in the mountains, or a beach walk using an amazing method to wash away your worries in the sand.

It can help with anything that’s causing emotional disturbance, unhappiness or discontent: be it physical, spiritual or mental health – that are all most often connected. Or perhaps you just need a fresh look, a re-evaluation, to deal with a current crisis or change, a boost to revitalise or prepare yourself for a new chapter in life, a look at your life now or in the past, or you’d like to grow and develop in a certain way.

My background is as an experienced Health Writer for most British newspapers & magazines as well as writing books, most recently co-authoring positive mental health book The Anxiety Conversation with leading psychotherapist Wayne Kemp. I have a Diploma in Counselling (with Distinction), and spent a number of years counselling and helping to establish the ManKind relationship charity. I am a member of the National UK Therapists Register.

I look to the 12 Steps recovery programme, psychiatrist Carl Jung, self-development expert Dr Wayne Dyer, plus my own experience and knowledge gained from myriad sources in 20 years of recovery from many life & behavioural issues – and from helping many others with great success over the years to realise meaning, well-being & happiness in their lives.

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or email dhurst3@me.com