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  • Hikes cost from €12 - €55 per person with transport included.
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Routes may change depending on the weather.

3 Hour Short Hikes

Twice each week we run these shorter hikes in the Sierra Almijara and Sierra Tejeda. These are easy going walks between 3-4 hours with some  steep ground in places but the overall distances are shorter. We have lots of great routes to use. these are perfect introductions to the longer 5 hour hikes and 8 hour hikes that we use.
Reservations essential
 Pay on the day.


5 Hour Moderate Hikes

We use about 15 different routes and each week we hike different moderate routes in The Sierra Almijara Mountain Range close to Nerja and Frigiliana. These walks are all cross country walks using old mule routes, ridge walks, river valleys and ancient footpaths that have been laid down over centuries of use. We are generally out for between 5-6 hours at a time. we would travel an average of  10 to 15 kilometers and gain heights of up to 1000 meters.You should have adequate lunch and water and proper footwear and clothing. The pace is easy going with a stop for lunch and several stops for photography and views. A good level of fitness is required and good footwear.
Reservations essential
 Pay on the day


8 Hour Hard Hikes

We use 4 different routes of roughly 8 hours walking. Accumulated height can be over 1200 meters and distances of over 18 kilometers. These are tough days and you should have a good level of fitness. We walk at a steady pace with very few stops enroute. These are great challenging routes with spectacular scenery and rugged terrain. Many parts of these routes are off trail. Only boots allowed on these walks. All the appropriate clothing and gear for a long hard day in the mountains.
Reservations essential
 Pay on the day.


Discription of  the Routes

SHORT -  3 hours of forest roads and mule treks with up to 300 meters of steep ascent

MODERATE - 5-6 hours of Forest roads and Mule tracks with up to 800 meters of  steep ascent

HARD - 6-8 hours of Mule treks and dirt roads with up to 1500 meters of steep ascent.

Rio Chillar.
10 klm - 100 mtrs - 4 hours - SHORT HIKE
This is a wet walk. You'll want trainers but no sandals or flip flops. Its a bit rough underfoot. We walk up thru the Rio Chillar for about 2 hours where we come to an open area to rest for a bite to eat.
Its a wonderful experience to walk thru this river and the see the famous Chillar Gorge. This walk is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Barranco Collodillo
7 klm - 200 mtrs - 3 hours - SHORT HIKE
Starting from Maro, this is a gentle stroll through the natural park close to the Caves of Nerja. It's is a route full of natural scenes and also of built heritage with a visit to the old Sugarcane factory of Nerja.

The Hidden Village
12 klm - 200 mtrs - 4 hours - SHORT HIKE - includes lunch
Starting from Pedregal, this is a gentle stroll through the Acebuchal valley. Its about 8 kilometers in total with a long stop at The Hidden Village at Bar El Acebuchal. You can have soups, salads, cakes and drinks here if you wish. the history of the village and the mountain life around here is very interesting.

Summer Coastal Walk
7 klm - 300 mtrs - 4 hours - SHORT HIKES - includes lunch
Starting from Canuelo, this is a coastal walk following the Alcantilados de Maro Natural Park area. Its a unique biosphere whereby most of the park is actually under water. We follow along the coastline through the trails and back roads where we often see dolphin and Ibex during the walk. There is a nice café on the beach where you can have a bite to eat and something to drink before moving on.

Caminito Del Rey
9 klm - zero elevation - 3 hours - SHORT HIKES
Probably the best hands-in-the-pockets walk in Andalusia. A stunning setting that is beyond the description of words. A feast for the eyes and the senses. This trip includes the transport (90 mins each way), entry fees and shuttle buses. We have an optional stop for a lovely meal in a restaurant overlooking the Malaga Lakes at the end. A great day out for anyone.

Maro tower
6 klm - 8klm - 150 mtrs - 3 Hours - SHORT HIKES
Starting from Maro, this is a nice walk over the ridge to the old WatchTower on the cliff. Its a gentle walk and very popular during the warmer weather. We usually stop in the village of Maro for refreshments at the end.

Frigiliana to Nerja
8 klm - 3 hours - SHORT HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana, this is an easy 3 hour stroll through the old Malaga Way. This lovely trails brings us through La Molineta, Lomas de Frigiliana, Rio Seco and the San Isidro Shrine before finishing in Nerja at Fitzgerald's for Lunch.

Canillas de Acietuno to Sedella Walk
14 klm - 700 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
After a 45 minute drive we start from Canillas. This is a new route opened to explore La Rahige Canyon. The walking follows an old water channel so it fairly easy going BUT there is a section at the end thats added on using metal walkways attached to the cliff face. If you have a problem with heights then DO NOT BOOK THIS WALK. There are the most spectacular views of the canyon.

The Quarry Hike
10 klm - 350 mtrs - 4 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Maro, a nice hike of about 3 to 4 hours not far from Maro. Its part of a longer hike called The Stone Arch Hike but without the scrambling. Nice little cottage stop for a picnic lunch.

The Capistrano Loop 
6 klm - 300 mtrs - 3 hours- Short Hike
A lovely little circuit behind San Juan de Capistrano. This one has some steep ground and spectacular views. Its short hike but after 3 hours will still make you feel like you have had a good challange.

Rufinos Cottage
12 klm - 560 mtrs - 5 Hours - MODERATE
Starting from Maro, this is a fine trail through the Canyon of Blood and on up the the old millers cottage at 550 meters. This is easily one of the best picnic spots in the area. we usually end up in the Eagle Bar after 5 hours for refreshments.

GR249 Stage 5 Nerja to Frigiliana (or vica versa)
16 klm - 890 mtrs - 6 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting at either Frigiliana or Maro. A cracking trail along the Great Walk of Malaga from either end its a lovely walk. Plenty of climbing on this one with a river crossing too. This is one of the favourites for walkers in the area because its the only marked trail in the Frigiliana / Nerja mountains.

Shadow of The Wolf
14 klm - 900 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Maro. A great trek which is not so difficult for the first couple of hours. But then we have to ascend the Shadow of the Wolf. A steep winding trail that climbs 350 meters in 1 kilometer. Well worth it for the views from the picnic stop.

Cerro Felix and Pinto
12 klm - 432 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana. My favourite and original Introductory Hike. This is a grand hike because its always close to Frigiliana is case of problems. I use this one a lot with new groups as a way of testing their mettle before going further afield. 3 climbs and a gorge. Its a great little route.

El Fuerte The Stronghold.
9 klm - 750 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana. This was my first ever route with clients. Overlooking Acebuchal, there are three known route to the top which stands at 998 mtrs above sea level. The views are stunning. well worth the effort but it is an effort.

The Ox Ridge Hike
10 klm - 595 mtrs - 5 Hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Maro. This is one of the few routes I do where we do not have a proper trail to follow. I found it by accident a few years ago. Its mainly a broad ridge walk following a firebreak with forest road walk back down from the top. Its a lovely open route with panoramic views even though its not terribly high. A great days walking.

The Gold Spot Walk
15 klm - 569 mtrs - 6 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana. This one is really a late spring and autumn walk because its a WET WALK. You need a change of footwear for the river part. NOT SANDALS. Trainers are best. Its a loevly trail with a variety of terrain to follow.

The Rio Chillar Hike
18 klm - 838 mtrs - 7 hours - MODERATE/HARD HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana. This is a monster hike. Starting from Frigiliana we walk to the river before plunging into the water for a couple of hours. Scrambling downstream is a great buzz before finally emerging in Nerja after several hours.

The Lonsome Pine
15 klm - 939 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from El Acebuchal. This 5 hour trek is a great favorite of mine. Almost all of the climbing is done in the first hour. After that its fairly easy terrain with lovely views of the back country. The side trek up to Cerro Verde (924mtrs) is stunning.

The Figtree River Walk
20 klm -  952 mtrs - 8 hours - MODERATE/HARD HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana. This is quite a long walk through some varied terrain. Starting from Frigilina we walk up the Rio Higueron to the point where we turn off the waterway eventually emerging in the venta Panaderos Loop. From there is good trail back into Acebuchal for a beer and then back to Frigilina. Its a long day with some wet walking so bring a spare pair of trainers.

Capistrano to Chillar Hike
12 klm - 350 mtrs - 4 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Nerja. This is a lovely hike with some steep ground at the beginning. Close to Nerja its a favourite with stunning view of Nerja in the first half of the walk.

Monastery of Calixto
13 klm -  745 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from El Acebuchal. This is a combination of forest road and old mule trails. Its a very overgrown path so long trousers and sleeves required for this one. With the 800 year old ruins as our destination its a lovely historical and dare I say, spiritual walk.

Ten Peaks Hike
17 klm - 550 mtrs - 6 hours - MODERATE HIKES
A great challenge with plenty of uphill along a broad ridge and spectacular views of Nerja and Frigiliana and the Sierra Almijara. Mostly cross coutry with some forest road walking near the end.

Maro Cliffs Walk
8 klm - 147 mtrs - 4 hours - EASY/MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Maro, a nice little walk through some byways of Maro and along the Tower ridge. ends well in a nice little bar in the plaza of Maro.

El Fuerte South Face
12 klm - 700 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE  HIKES
Starting from Frigiliana, this one is quiet steep in places. You need an ability for minor scrambling. Great vistas from up high at the peak at 1000mtrs

1122 Hike
15 klm - 820 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from El Acebuchal, this a nice hike through the barranco Moreno. Its easy going for the first couple of hours followed by a nice climb up to the spot height of 1122 mtrs before descending into barranco Higueron and back to the start.

Sedella - Salares Hike
15 klm - 500 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Sedella. This is a lovely loop in the back hills of Axarquia. Passing through the twin villages it also crosses two ancient bridges, one Roman and one Arabic. This is a walk steep in the history of the Moors in a very remote part of deep Spain.

The Bakers Tavern Loop
16 klm - 500 mtrs - 6 hours - MODERATE HIKES
This is an interesting hike to the source of the Rio Higueron just below the Bakers Tavern of Venta Panaderos. Easy going and gentle it has an acculumulated height gained of 500 meters. The terrain is generally easy with lots of forest road walking.

The Dragons Spine Route
13 klm - 700 mtrs - - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Maro this is a 6 hour hike through a very unused canyon called Colmeneros. Its an easy enough start gradually getting steeper. There is a section of minor scrambling before emerging at the 800 meters height and descending again through a different valley back to Maro. some spectacular scenery and a a good challenge for the average hillwalker.

Eagles Rock
14 klm -  700 mtrs - 5 Hours - MODERATE HIKES
Starting from Baranco Collodillo we follow the main track to the picnic area of El Pinarillo before a long ascent to the top of the ridge and on to Cerro Aguilla, the Eagles Rock. Possibly the most spectacular picnic point in the valley. After lunch we descend back to the parking area.

El Torcal Hike
15 klm - 300 mtrs - 4 hours - MODERATE HIKES
After a 90 minute drive we start from the lower carpark of El Torcal. We ascent roughly 300 meters of fairly gentle ascent up to the main plateau for a break. We then continue on through the the most unusual scenery anywhere in the Malaga area. This limestone karst landscape is breathtaking.
The hiking is really not that difficult but  lot of rock walking and narrow canyon to negotiate.

3 Villages Hike Sierra Nevada
9 klm - 500 mtrs - 5 hours - MODERATE HIKES
After a 90 minute drive we start our hike at the 1000 meters mark in Pampaneira. This is the first of three lovely little white village in the Alpujarras range of Sierra Nevada. A very spectacular setting we ascent thru the village of Bubion to the highest village of Capileira at 1400 mtrs. We spend some time in each village and we have a little shopping and visiting time at the end of the walk for gifts and souvenirs.

Ring of Ridges Hike
18 klm - 1200 mtrs - 8 hours - HARD HIKES
Starting from Maro this is a combination of three hikes, The Ox Ridge, The Wolf and The Ten Peaks. The highest point is about 850 meters but there will be numerous peaks to traverse so the accumulation is substantial over the day. Good physical fitness and stamina required for this one. The pace is fast and the breaks are few. Be Prepared!

El Cielo
18 klm - 1500 mtrs - 8 hours - HARD HIKES
Starting from the Baranco Collodillo this is a mighty hike. From 300 meters to 1500 meters in 4 hours requires good stamina and fitness. The return requires strong legs and good balance. The rewards are fantastic. The vista from the top and on the way up and down is gorgeous.

El Almendron
18 klm - 1400 mtrs - 7 hours - HARD HIKES
Starting from The Miners House Cafe this is my favourite high level hike. There is a variety of interesting terrain from deep canyons to high ridges. Some scrambling required too as we traverse rockfalls and boulder fields. Its a wonderful walk and well worth the effort.